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Clive Staples Lewis (29 November 1898 – 22 November 1963) was a British writer and lay. When his dog Jacksie was killed by a car, the four-year old Lewis adopted the name Jacksie. Lewis loved to read; his father's house was filled with books, and he felt that finding a book to read was as easy as walking into a field.

2 Jul 2010. While “On the Reading of Old Books” is usually reprinted (and presented) as a stand-alone essay by Lewis, it is actually the introduction to a.

“Naturally, since I myself am a writer, I do not wish the ordinary reader to read no modern books. But if he must read only the new or only the old, I would advise.

In his introduction to Athanasius' On the Incarnation, C.S. Lewis advises us to take up the reading of old books rather than merely reading about them.

14 Nov 2013. C.S. Lewis (1898-1963) was arguably the most influential Christian thinker of his time, from God in the Dock, “On the Reading of Old Books”.

CS Lewis quote on old books: "It is a good rule after reading a new book never to allow yourself another new one till you have read an old one in between."

In On the Reading of Old Books, C.S. Lewis says that one of the chief values of old literature lies in its ability to show us the blind spots of our own day and age—assumptions we take for granted at which earlier ages (and perhaps later ages) would have scoffed: “Every age has its own outlook.

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2016-10-06  · He suggests two powerful and simple antidotes to the vices on display in our digital media culture: reading old books and having good friends. Reading old books is a way to inoculate ourselves from the faddish slogans and transient intellectual trends of the present. Great writers and thinkers of the past, Lewis insisted, help us see and.

19 Jan 2009. C. S. Lewis on the value of reading old books: Every age has its own outlook. It is specially good at seeing certain truths and specially liable to.

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Engaging and enlightening, this well-rounded collection includes Lewis’ reflections on science fiction, why children’s literature is for readers of all ages, and why we should read two old books for every new one.

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The Reading Life: The Joy of Seeing New Worlds Through Others’ Eyes [C. S. Lewis] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The revered teacher and bestselling author reflects on the power, importance, and joy of a life dedicated to reading books in this delightful collection drawn from his wide body of writings. More.

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2020-01-09  · A free e-book to commemorate C.S. Lewis: His Life and Faith His Thought and Teaching His Family and Friends His Influences

20 Jul 2012. In the preface Lewis addresses the question of what kinds of books to. to the popular wisdom—amateurs should read the “old” books rather.

C. S. Lewis, “On the Reading of Old Books”. There is a strange idea abroad that in every subject the ancient books should be read only by the professionals, and.

18 Dec 2018. Though I now think I could have said it even clearer, I was sharing once again C.S. Lewis' critical idea that reading old books can offer a.

Lewis’s book A Grief Observed describes his experience of bereavement in such a raw and personal fashion that he originally released it under the pseudonym N. W. Clerk to keep readers from associating the book with him. Ironically, many friends recommended the book to Lewis.

The Chronicles of Narnia is a series of seven fantasy novels by C. S. Lewis. Written by Lewis, illustrated by Pauline Baynes, and originally published in London between 1950 and 1956, The Chronicles of Narnia has been adapted for radio, television, the stage, and film.

2020-01-09  · A free e-book to commemorate C.S. Lewis: His Life and Faith His Thought and Teaching His Family and Friends His Influences

23 Aug 2018. “I hate to read new books.” So begins William Hazlitt's essay “On Reading Old Books.” The title will remind readers of C.S. Lewis's similarly.

2020-01-09  · A free e-book to commemorate C.S. Lewis: His Life and Faith His Thought and Teaching His Family and Friends His Influences

2018-03-09  · Miracles is a book written by C. S. Lewis, originally published in 1947 and revised in 1960. Lewis argues that before one can learn from the study of history whether or not any miracles have ever occurred, one must first.

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C.S. Lewis loved old books. In a short piece he wrote to introduce Athanasius's On the Incarnation to a modern audience, he admonished that Christians who.

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20 Mar 2017. In his introduction to Athanasius' On The Incarnation, C. S. Lewis engages in something of an apologetic for reading old books. Lewis felt.

30 Dec 2013. February 2010. On Reading Old Books. any so-called “Christian” books today are not worth reading, and some are spiritually dangerous.

15 Feb 2019. First, read physical books, the ones with pages, those you can smell, feel, and tenderly. C.S. Lewis, a fanatic for the old books, tells us why.

Lewis – On the Reading of Old Books. To print or download this file, click the link below: PDF document icon OntheReadingofOldBooks.pdf — PDF document,