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Let’s face it when it comes to love words often fall short, yet these heartfelt wedding quotes will make your. a song only you can hear.” – Oscar Wilde.

So do Mark Twain (“I never let my schooling interfere with my education”), Ambrose Bierce (“War is God’s way of teaching Americans geography”) and Oscar Wilde (“True friends stab you.

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Designer Karl Lagerfeld, who has built a reputation as the Oscar Wilde of the fashion world, is known for saying outrageous things. But this time, his comments are not being laughed off or excused.

On the 30th anniversary of Samuel Beckett’s death, Martin Chilton revisits the chance encounter in which a pimp’s knife narrowly missed the writer’s heart, and ended up transforming his life.

Don’t like the wallpaper? Change it! (Photo: Screen capture, SmartThings) Oscar Wilde would love living in this future; his last words were, “Either this wallpaper goes, or I do.” In 100 years.

The man on PA, Liam Moggan, quotes Joe Dolan instead. Salzano and Irene Audrito from Turin were hoping to visit the Oscar Wilde monument in the park opposite. Unfortunately, they’re on.

Paris still quotes lesser-known authors and books with authority. Lorelai drops an Oscar Wilde quote on one occasion, and an Edith Wharton reference on another. I decided she’d probably trust the.

So, here are some classic quotes on love by famous authors to. oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” —By Oscar Wilde “True love, like any other strong and addicting drug.

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but we thought, honestly, Who will buy this in an airport?” Plenty of people, apparently. Journal sets inscribed with Oscar Wilde quotes, $109, have already sold out.

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“Over the past three years, the parties have put in countless hours and spent untold sums of money, all in the service of fashion – what Oscar Wilde aptly called ‘a form of ugliness so.

In June 1890, Lippincott’s Monthly Magazine published “The Picture of Dorian Gray,” Oscar Wilde’s gothic tale of a love triangle between a painter, a patron, and a portrait. The editors.

So it proves with this clumsy dramatisation of Oscar Wilde’s novel, adapted, directed by and starring Samuel Orange – brother of Take That’s Jason – and performed in Orange’s own.

He quotes Oscar Wilde’s criticism of charity workers who seek to remedy poverty and disease without solving the causes of it: "The worst slave owners were those that were kind to their slaves.

Its limited edition first day cover features one of his best known quotes, that “there is no. There had been stamps celebrating Oscar Wilde, Flann O’Brien and others. It seemed a little.

"The man who can dominate a London dinner table can dominate the world," Oscar Wilde once quipped. to conversation—have fallen out of fashion, the formal dinner table is once again à.

Because he is the go-to designer for the trendiest collaborations, who celebrated 20 years in the fashion industry in. He is also the Oscar Wilde of Indian style: though he was initiated.

Mere words! Was there anything so real as words?” Sebastian Barry, The Secret Scripture Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray Roddy Doyle, The Woman Who Walked Into Doors Colm Tóibín,